Comprehensive English Centre (CEC)

Comprehensive English Centre Sdn Bhd has been in English Language Teaching and Coaching for the last 2 decades.

By standing true to our principles, Confidently, Effectively and Competently, we have built  and maintained strong relationships with our clients who had given us their invaluable support throughout our years in practice.

Our clients consist of local and multinational organisations, covering a wide spectrum of the Malaysian business environments. They include non-profit organisations, private and  government linked companies, government agencies and educational institutions.

Our dedicated knowledgeable team of  professional trainers will ensure the quality of services rendered is not in any way compromised. At CEC, we focus on inspiring and coaching individuals and organisations to obtain effective communication skills that will promote excellence at the workplace and nurture personal development.

Goals - Work with organisations and individuals to enhance their professional communication skills.

- Be the first choice in the training arena for communication skills.

Mission - To inspire and prepare individuals and organisations in verbal and written skills to make them
leaders in their chosens fields.


Andal Krishnan
Principal Trainer