Using English Language for Effective Customer Service

                        1. The ability to articulate in the English Language is now not a choice but a necessity. Every member of the staff would be an asset to the organization
                        2. when he or she communicates effectively in English. This is more so with Customer Service personnel. They are the organization’s ambassadors.
                        3. Customer Service is said to be satisfactory when people who use the service are happy and return for more.

Benefits of the Programme

                        1. Feel confident to interact with customers
                        2. Improve their use of eye contact, posture, gesture and voice
                        3. Present information and ideas in a coherent fashion
                        4. Learn the basics of informative and persuasive speaking
                        5. Listen critically and objectively
                        6. Lead and participates in discussions
                        7. Improve their understanding of intercultural communication


  1. 80% Activities
  2. Video recording and reviewing for feedback purposes
  3. Manual and Handouts
  4. Take-away pocket book” Key English for Customer Service”
  5. Role Play and Simulation
  6. Presentations
  7. Pre and Post Assessments
  8. Fun and Games

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