English for Front Liners / Front Desk

  1. The ability to articulate in the English Language is now not a choice but a necessity.
    Every member of the staff would be an asset to the organization when he communicates effectively in English.
    A communication is said to be effective when, the speaker:

                            1. - Develops confidence when speaking before a group
                              - Improves his use of eye contact, posture, gesture and voice
                              - Improves his use of eye contact, posture, gesture and voice
                              - Orally presents information, ideas, and opinions in a coherent organized fashion
                              - Learns the basics of informative and persuasive speaking
                              - Listens critically and objectively
                              - Leads and participates in group discussions
                              - Improves his understanding of interpersonal and intercultural communication

Programme Objectives

  1. 1. The participants will be familiar with standard phrases of response in English in a variety of situations
    2. The participants will be able to convey the information in a structured way.


Activity based. This will be 100% in the program
- Participants will have real life use of English in workplace
- Role Play & Simulation
- Fun and Laughter

Use of Technology
- Video Recording for Feedback
- Video clips for brainstorming and presenting

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