Intensive English - 36 hours (Non - Executive)

  1. The importance of being able to communicate in English at the workplace has become increasingly critical for non executives. They form the intermediary between the shop floor workforce and the management. Therefore clarity and accuracy in speech and writing is essential. Hence this programme has been put together for non executives to attain sufficient knowledge of English to perform with effectiveness at the workplace and with external clients in the domestic and international arenas.

Programme Objectives

                            1. 1. To enable participants’ to present ideas and issues during discussions with their colleagues, management and external clients in a
                              concise and precise manner, with accuracy and fluency.
                            2. 2. To enable participants’ to write memos, short reports, minutes of meetings, recommendations, and proposals to the management
                              and external clients with accuracy and clarity
                            3. 3. To achieve full potential for personal and professional success.


  1. The programme is highly interactive with collaborative work. There will be much opportunity for speaking. Video recording is used for effective feedback. Each participant is given a manual together with worksheets and reading materials. This comprehensive package contains the four communication skills in English, namely writing, speaking, critical listening and focused and extensive reading. Grammatical structures, vocabulary and pronunciation input will be an integral part of each session. An assessment of the participants’ proficiency in English is conducted to customize the contents.

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