Technical Report Writing and Presentation of the Findings for Project Management


                            1. A technical report for project management reflects positively on a professional manager. It shows that a situation can be captured succinctly on paper and presented in an effective manner to a discerning audience. It can be used in project management as a vehicle of communication among team members, multiple departments, clients and other stakeholders

Technical Writing - Objectives

                            1. - Convey a more professional, capable image through writing
                            2. - Eliminate bad grammar, poor punctuation, misused words and other mistakes
                            3. - Edit your own written work more effectively
                            4. - Put facts and figures in context for the target audience
                            5. - Provides an overview of the situation


                            1. - 20% to 80% Activities
                            2. - Short  lecture sessions,  highly (input / output interactive  questions  and  answers  sessions,  competency and skills transfer sessions, group activities, critical analysis and discussions .
                            3. - Video recording for feedback during presentation
                            4. - Case studies

                            Course Outline

                                                      1. INTRODUCTION TO REPORT WRITING
                                                      2. REPORT WRITING AND PROPOSALS
                                                      3. EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION OF THE FINDINGS

                            Presentations - Objectives

                                                      1. - Prepare, design and confidently deliver a presentation relevant to their professional needs
                                                      2. - Enhance clarity, information flow, accuracy, consistency, overall impact and presence
                                                      3. - ‘Navigate’ presentations with confidence

                            Course Outline

                                                1. HOW TO START A PRESENTATION
                                                2. IN THE MIDDLE
                                                3. LINKING PARTS
                                                4. FOG INDEX
                                                5. HOW TO END
                                                6. DELIVERY SKILL
                                                7. HOW TO HANDLE THE Q & A SESSION
                                                8. VISUAL AIDS




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